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New Books
The foundling
Call me Zelda
Stroke of luck
The last rodeo
The enchanted April
Always in my heart
Alien encounter
Lunar blitz
The truth about Martians
Auntie Poldi and the vineyards of Etna
Sci-Fi Junior High
The White Mountains
Pi in the sky
Flower girl Katie
Over or under
Dashing dragonflies : a 4D book
School jokes
What is sound?
Phases of the moon : a 4D book
What are floods?
Baseball jokes
Hera : queen of the Greek gods
Intergalactic P.S. 3
Girls of paper and fire
The color of lies
The Pack : Addison.
Enemy contact
Summer by the tides
Summer of
Julia wants a pet
The war within
Other words for home
Snoopy, first beagle on the Moon!
Honeybees and frenemies