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New Books
The greatest gift
Jake the fake keeps it real
Henry and Ribsy
Ellen Tebbits
Class dismissed
Sci-Fi Junior High
Ozy and Millie
Running scared
The word collector
Uncle Snake
Who was Jackie Robinson?
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Big Nate : double trouble
LMNO peas
The gingerbread bear
Sleepover with Beatrice & Bear
The green ninja
Pirates vs. Ninja
Lloyd : a hero
Jog, frog, jog
Moose and Mouse
Thanksgiving mice!
Going to the hospital
John Adams speaks for freedom
Dust for dinner
The long way westward
Niagara Falls
The Rocky Mountains
The Grand Canyon
All that I can be
The Roly-Poly Spider
Lord Garmadon, evil dad
Race around the world!
Willy and May
How many baby pandas?
Detention of doom