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New Sound Recordings
Brotherhood in death
Purity in death
Stolen prey
Portrait in death
Never ask me
The house keeper
Obsession in death
I survived the Hindenburg disaster, 1937
I survived the American Revolution, 1776
I survived the battle of D-Day, 1944
The destruction of Pompeii, A.D. 79
The Great Chicago Fire, 1871
I survived the Nazi invasion, 1944
I survived the Children
The book of two ways : a novel
The gifts of imperfection
Total power
All the possibilities
Distant shores
The art of deception
Precious gifts : a novel
On Mystic Lake
Home again
Frozen II : original motion picture soundtrack
Fine line
dont smile at me
American Standard
All at once
Shadows in death: An Eve Dallas novel
Murder thy neighbor
All the devils are here
Live free or die : America (and the world) on the brink
Do it afraid : Embracing courage in the face of fear
The evening and the morning